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Last Ranker screens for your enjoyment

by: Jeremy -
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 Have you heard of the Last Ranker?  The Last Ranker is one of Capcom's big upcoming titles that is currently being developed for the PlayStation Portable.  The game is a combination fighting game and an RPG, where the player is on a quest to earn the title of the world's strongest warrior.  Capcom states that the gameplay system is shaping up to be an interesting combination of both real time combat and turn-based strategy... how they will combine the two is complete unknown to me.  The concept of the game sounds very interesting to me and I am anxious to see what Capcom manages to produce from this project.  Last Ranker is still very early in the development process and will likely evolve by leaps and bounds before it makes its way into gamers hands.  In the mean time, thanks to the crew over at Andriasang we at least have a chance to see what Capcom has in store for the game.  You can keep an eye on the project at the official Japanese website.