Last Holiday Deal of the Week announced to head scratching and crickets

by: Dan -
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Major Nelson brings word that Halo: Combat Evolved of the Xbox Originals service will be the final Holiday Deal of the Week. Starting Dec 23rd and lasting for one week, the game can be downloaded at a cost of 600 MS points instead of the usual 1200 points for XBL Gold members. I would hazard a guess that most Xbox 360 owners probably have a copy of Halo somewhere, or could get one as cheap as the $10 discounted price. So thanks MS for wasting the last Holiday Deal of the Week (after hitting us with Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack, a Foo Fighters album for Rock Band and Bomberman LIVE) on a game that most every Xbox 360 owner probably has played and owned at some point.  What a let down....
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