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The art style of Landit Bandit is amusing and the Bearded Ladies are confident it will entertain.  It's now available on PSN in Europe for 12.99 Euros.  Unfortunately, those of us in North America will have to wait until July 13.  However, we do have some new screens to post as well as two developer diaries to share.  These are just a teaser of what can be experienced in the 20-level campaign.  

More details about Landit Bandit can be found by clicking here or you can click here and here to watch some developer diaries.  Enjoy!

Landit Bandit, the genre-defining semi-casual-retro-helicopter-adventure game has landed on the PlayStation®3 Network

Swedish-based independent games developer, The Bearded Ladies, are proud to announce the launch of their retro-inspired helicopter-adventure game Landit Bandit on the PlayStation®3 Network

The feel-good digital game of the summer has finally landed. Literally. Join eccentric characters Marley and Lander, as well as hot island babes and Tommy Gun-wielding penguins in Landit Bandit: a retro-looking, 3D casual-physics-based-helicopter game now available on the PlayStation®3 Network priced at a mouth-watering 12.99 Euros.

Landit Bandit has the depth of a cool-blue ocean and offers gameplay to suit a universal audience. Players can compete for the high-score on the global leaderboard - as well as battle head-to-head in 6 unique duels - or work co-operatively across a 20-level campaign against the backdrop of gorgeous 3D levels ranging from the picturesque desert islands to the cool, ice-filled tundra, each packed with enough humour to keep you laughing out loud from one level to the next.

David Skarin, CTO of The Bearded Ladies is elated at the release,

“To have our game on the PlayStation®3 Network is great. Its a testimony to the hard work and raw talent of our small independent studio. We've defeated a string of self-imposed, gruelling milestones and overcome technical challenges akin to the cerebral workout being offered in the game that would leave any bearded lady weeping. The release brings joy to our hearts, although the real excitement is going to come in monitoring the reaction of the players”.

CEO/Producer, Haraldur Thormundsson added,

“We have fulfilled our dreams with the release of Landit Bandit on the Sony PlayStation store. Its been one of the most rewarding expeditions I've been part of to date. To have shared the milestone with such a talented – not to mention eccentric group of creatives – is also very special. We're all confident that players will enjoy the retro-goodness and LOL just as much as we did during the development”.

The North American gaming community can expect to get their hands on the controls of Landit Bandit from July 13th.

You can learn about the creation of Landit Bandit and the colourful team behind it from their developer diaries:

Developer Diary #1 –
Developer Diary #2 –
Developer Diary #3 –

You can also interact with Landit Bandit on social networks:


Gameplay features:
  • Easy and addictive controls
  • 20 level single player campaign
  • 6 unique, gorgeous 3D worlds
  • Drop-in-drop-out splitscreen co-op mode
  • Side-splitting bump and grind ‘duel’ mode
  • Online highscore tables as well as trophies
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