Land of Chaos Online intro-douches a whiney prince

by: Ben Berry -
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I'm not sure how you pronounce it, but burda:ic is a German gaming company that has released the MMO Land of Chaos Online. They've been doing these weekly character introductions, and this week, it's a conquering prince whose own castle was destroyed while he was out destroying. Now he is just a killer out for revenge. The problem I've seen with this game so far is that every single character is straight out of some other game or medium we've seen before. I'm actually going to give this game a look just to see if it's any good.
burda:ic, a leading publisher of online games worldwide, today revealed details about the next new character for LOCO – Land of Chaos Online: fallen prince Ellan Rhineford. Ellan will arrive in the Land of Chaos tomorrow, September 28, with deadly assassin Partizan following in his footsteps in the coming weeks.

Ellan Rhineford was a young, rising emperor driven by an unquenchable desire to rule the entire continent. While pursuing yet another glorious and bloody victory far from home, he received a distressing note about trouble at the heart of the empire. He returned home to find his lands in chaos and a vast, empty space where Rhineford castle had once stood. Of his family home, nothing, not even rubble or smoke, remained…

Devastated by the fall of his kingdom and the mysterious loss of his family, Ellan has become a broken man left only with the will to fight. He holds no fear for close combat, wielding a diverse arsenal of attacks and skills perfect for dealing with any situation. He is able to stun enemies with “Shadow Sever,” raise the attack strength of his allies with “Lord’s Command,” and reflect damage back onto opponents with “Rush of Monarch,” and that’s just scratching the surface of his talents.

To learn more about Ellan’s devastating abilities, check out both the Spellbook of Laair Hathy and the Book of Heroes at
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