LOTRO Breaks Rune-keeper Details as Angmar Revs Up for Bonus Experience weekend

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Turbine is spreading the word that all those grinding to get their characters up to level 50 for Lord of the Rings Mines of Moria have a Bonus Experience Weekend ahead of them. starting Thursday, October 2nd until Monday October 6th, Shadows of Angmar players will earn 25% more experience. Talk about an extended weekend.

LOTRO developer Brian “Zombie Columbus” Aloisio has revealed more details on the basis, skills and abilities of  the Rune-keeper class for Moria in a new developer diary.

“The Minstrel sings words of Power and the Lore-master finds Power from ancient secrets, but there are more paths than these. Middle-earth is a land where language has Power, and such words are comprised of rune-letters. Put them together in the right order and the world can be changed in subtle and sometimes grand ways.”

There's been much debate on whether the Rune-keeper fits Tolkien's vision of Middle-earth. This explanation of where the class gets its power from helped settle mind mind on the matter. The Rune-keepers aren't exactly based on any one character or race, but the moon letters and runes they derive their power from are definitely part of the books.

Rune-keepers use Attunements to gather Power to channel for Healing or Battle. Their healing abilities stretch over time unlike the Minstrels instant effects. In battle the Rune-keeper uses lightening as an immediate attack and ice to chill multiple targets and deliver debuffs. Their fire attacks seem like they would be most effective when in a Fellowship where they the protection of a group. They envision fire and their enemies are engulfed in flames. Fire does damage over time becoming more deadly the longer the Rune-keeper can maintain it. For more specifics on individual skills, check out Aloisio’s Rune-keeper dev diary on the LOTRO website.
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