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LG versus Sony- Round 1 goes to LG

by: Jeremy -
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John reported a while back that LG was attempting to challenge Sony on potential patent infringements regarding Blu-Ray players and mobile phones. When the story first broke I am sure that most readers, including myself, brushed it off as something that would surely fizzle and disappear before it became a major issue. Well, we were wrong.

Sony has lost the opening round of the court proceedings as LG has won a preliminary injunction in Europe that will cease the shipment of PS3 systems for a minimum of 10 days. The ruling was handed down on Monday in the UK and an order was immediately issued to European customs to seize all shipments of Sony’s console across the continent. Sony is reportedly contesting the ruling and trying the get things moving again in their product pipeline.

I for one never thought that this issue would even get this far. Do you think that there is any chance that we could see similar rulings on the case here in the United States?

Source: The Guardian