LBP2 beta coming soon

by: Jeremy -
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Just the original Little Big Planet, Media Molecule’s upcoming Little Big Planet 2 will see a beta test through the PlayStation Network. The exact details regarding the beta are still forthcoming. Media Molecule staff member Spaff announced the beta publicly on the LittleBigWorkshop forums. The exact posting made by Spaff was the following:

“Hi all; There will be an LBP2 beta soon. We will have some more news on how we will recruit for this beta soon, but in the mean time i wanted to drop in and say that you will all be in witha chance to get in.

If you are already in the beta group, you will automatically be added to the LBP2 Beta test,, and the forum has now been re-opened, so come along and say hi; ok more news soon, i promise

Please don’t message me or anyone asking for invites!”

Considering that the game is set to launch on November 16, 2010, a beta program would likely go into motion very, very soon. Some of the rumors that I have been hearing state that the beta will be available to members of the PlayStation Plus program. This is purely rumor and speculation at this point, but that would make a lot of sense in terms of promoting the recently launched program. Hopefully Sony and Media Molecule will make an official announcement soon.

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