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L.A. Noire pre-order bonuses revealed

by: Dan -
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As promised from my lame box art post yesterday for L.A. Noire, Rockstar has passed along pre-order details of all the freebies each major retailer will be offering. Target, Walmart, Best Buy, GameStop and Amazon are the players, and each has a little something different. If it is a straight cash incentive, then Target is probably your guy, as they are giving away $5 gift cards or a free Rockstar Games T-Shirt with in-store purchase. Walmart and GameStop may have the best freebie, as you get a code to unlock additional DLC in the form of cases and challenges. Best Bu and Amazon will be giving away codes for free in-game suits that enhance either your fighting or marksmanship capabilities. All of the pre-order incentives are limited in quantity, so best to order it now before they are gone. Check the release after the jump for all of the specifics surrounding each retailers offer.
Today we’re pleased to announce several retailer-partner incentives for L.A. Noire. Fans that pre-order L.A. Noire from Amazon, Best Buy or GameStop/EB Games will receive bonus content ranging from unlockable detective outfits to additional cases for the player to solve. Wal-Mart shoppers that Pre-Order L.A. Noire on Walmart.com or purchase it in-store on launch day (May 17) will receive a free DLC download code for an additional case that takes place on the game’s Traffic desk. Also, fans that purchase at Target will receive either a $5 Gift Card with Pre-Order or a free Rockstar Games T-Shirt with an in-store purchase during launch week. All incentive offers are limited in quantity and available while supplies last.

We’ve included some information on the Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop/EB Games, and Walmart bonus content below. You’ll also find several digital posters with pre-order information via our FTP link below. More details will be available on www.rockstargames.com/lanoire/preorder.

AMAZON.com (Pre-Order):
“The Broderick” Detective Suit boosts your fist-fighting capabilities and resilience to damage. Throughout L.A. Noire while working cases, you’ll encounter quite a few suspects and persons of interest who prove to be resistant to arrest. Your hand-to-hand fighting skills will be called into action on these cases – the Broderick suit with its enhanced fighting abilities may be that edge in helping make that collar.

BEST BUY (Pre-Order)
“The Sharpshooter” Detective Suit enhances your aim with rifles and pistols. Always a worst case scenario for any detective working a case, there are of course those occasions for Cole Phelps when pursuing a suspect escalates to gunfire. In these tense shootouts, the Sharpshooter suit provides that extra aiming precision to take the criminal down.

GAMESTOP/EB Games (Pre-Order)
‘The Naked City’ Vice Case
In this bonus case from L.A. Noire’s Vice Desk, detective Cole Phelps investigates the supposed suicide of a stunning fashion model. Can you help Cole unravel the truth in a city blighted by drugs, corruption and greed, where the death of a beautiful woman is never as straightforward as it seems?

The Badge Pursuit Challenge
Hidden around L.A. Noire’s beautiful recreation of 1947 Los Angeles are 20 police badges to find and collect. If you can find all 20 of these badges, the dapper Button Man suit will be unlocked which provides extra ammo for all weapons. Each badge also provides 5 additional XP which will help further unlock Intuition Points – special credits that can be used to give Phelps a key investigative insight when you need it most.

WAL-MART (Web Pre-Order or In-store Purchase on May 17)
“A Slip of the Tongue” Traffic Case is a bonus case from the Traffic Desk in which a seemingly run of the mill car theft ends up sparking an explosive investigation into the largest auto fraud racket the city has ever seen. With the stolen cars piling up and questionable characters at every turn, can you help Cole Phelps crack the biggest case so far in his career?