Kotaku reveals a little bit about Star Wars First Assault

by: John -
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A while ago, there was a leak of Xbox Live games that were slated to come out. Someone hacked the server and posted all these box art images for titles, some not even announced yet. One that caught a lot of people's eye was Star Wars First Assault. So whatever happened to that game?

A source has told Kotaku that Star Wars First Assault was suppose to be a prequel to Battlefront III (which who knows what state that game's in) and a 16 player first person shooter utilizing the Unreal Engine. They were to fight on Bespin and Tatooine with a player taking part as the Rebel Alliance or the Empire. First Assault was due for this Spring. Supposedly, the game's almost done but some little deal between Lucas and Disney got in the way.

Now, the status of First Assault and Star Wars 1313, which Chuck and I saw at last year's E3, are up in the air. I'm assuming that Disney would want to maximize their chances of getting their investment money back and video games are another medium for them to do it and to do it quicker. I know there's a large audience out there clamoring for the next Jedi Knight or X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter or Battlefront or any quality Star Wars title really. Maybe if millions fans cried out all at once and not be silent, Disney will listen and get this Star Wars video game train rolling. 

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