Kotaku confirms with Nintendo that everyone can experience the new console at E3

by: John -
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So, with Nintendo debuting their new console in a few months at E3, would only a select few get to touch it? Nope, everyone can!

Kotaku has gotten word from Nintendo that everyone who attends the event will get a chance to play with the new console. That is, if you can fight through the lines or have an appointment to.

I doubt I'll be able to get to handle it because, well because we never seem to have any luck with Nintendo. While Gaming Nexus has always been invited to the press conference before E3 starts, we never, and I mean never get any appointments with the big N themselves. Don't know why, but we always get the "Sorry, we're full" speech when we ask, even when we do it well ahead in advance.

That's OK, as I understand they have to cater to a wide range of folks at the various events we attend, so while it's great to hear that a new console is going to be shown off at E3, I'm setting my expectations low on getting a hands on demo of the the thing as I'm not going to fight the lines to do so if I don't have an appointment with them.
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