Konami’s X-Men brings back fond memories

by: Jeremy -
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I think that I made it rather clear a while back, I am EXTREMELY excited about Konami’s release of the classic X-Men arcade game on Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. Konami has released a new batch of screenshots, which you can find below, which shows the fact that the game looks just as fantastic as I remember. Anyone not familiar with the classic game is likely to find them underwhelming; you won’t find any shiny, hi-definition graphics here, this is classic sprite-based visuals depicting a vintage X-Men style.

In the game, players control one of the six members of the X-Men (based on the lineup at that time in 1992) and face hordes of Magneto’s troops. In addition to the multiple Sentinels and generic creatures, you will also run into and go toe-to-toe with classic supervillains like the Blob, Pyro, Juggernaut, and Mystique. Konami has also announced that the new digital release of the game will give players access to the Japanese release of the arcade game as well, which included power ups and health kits throughout the adventure, something missing from the North American release.

Check it out:

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