Konami was ready to reboot Silent Scope (note “was”)

by: Jeremy -
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According information dug up by Silconera, Konami was very close to rebooting the classic arcade-sniper game Silent Scope. The title was being worked on by Day 1 Studios, the same developers who crafted F3AR. Although the game was Silent Scope in name, it wasn’t a first-person-snipe game like the games before it.

Supposedly, the game was intended to be a stealth-based 3rd person shooter. The game, which was in development for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, was canceled back in December, prior to ever being officially announced or revealed by Konami.

I am always saddened to see games canceled before they even begin to achieve their potential, or are even given a chance to. Silent Scope was really fun series and the concept was ripe for being fleshed out into a deeper game. I guess that all that we can do now is browse the concept art that was dug up and imagine what could have been. 

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