Konami reinvents the Castlevania series with Lords of Shadow

by: Adam -
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It's about time; Kojima Productions and Mercury Steam will be taking the Castlevania series in a fantastic new direction with the newly announced Castlevania: Lords of Shadow.  Konami chose E3 to be the venue for their unveiling of the first trailer for the brand new title, which will be developed by Mercury Steam, but backed by Hideo Kojima.  This is great news for all gamers, especially those who are fans of the Castlevania series or Kojima's work as this practically guarantees that the game will be great.  Lords of Shadow promises to re-imagine the series with a brave new direction as well as open a new era in the Castlevania universe.  The game takes place at the end of days, the Earth's alliance with the Heavens has been threatened by a dark force (the Lords of Shadow) and the world has been shrouded in darkness.  Now, the world is crawling with the undead and evil creatures that are causing chaos across the land.  You play as Gabriel, a member of an elite group of holy knights called the Brotherhood of Light whose goal is to protect the innocent against the growing darkness.  Gabriel's wife was murdered in cold blood by the evil now threatening the world, and her soul is now trapped for all eternity.  Now, still trapped in limbo she guides Gabriel to his destiny.  The two developer have taken this beloved series in a genre-defying direction, and what we'll get when the game releases on the PS3 and Xbox 360 next year is an epic tale of love and loss perfect for the legendary series.  I know you're interested, so I recommend you go here to see the newly released trailer.
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