Kojima has something big planned for Wednesday

by: John -
More On: Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker's completion ceremony is this Wednesday and it seems Kojima just can't help but tease something for it. While the game doesn't come out until April 29th in Japan and the rest of the world a few months later, I've actually liked a lot of what I've seen and it almost makes me want to pick up a PSP just to play the game.

In any case, people are starting to wonder what the big announcement is going to be at the event. We all have been through a ton of things Kojima has done to build up his products so I'm not surprised he'd be at it again at an event to celebrate one of his upcoming games. We'll all know this Wednesday though and it seems Konami is also allowing 50 Twitter folks to attend and report on the event as well.

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