Knights of the Old Republic 2 finished by modders

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Way back in the days of 2004, Obsidian released the long-awaited sequel to BioWare's Star Wars classic, Knights of the Old Republic.  Knights of the Old Republic 2 managed to improve on several aspect of the franchise up until a certain point.

That certain point comes at the end.  What's wrong with it?  Well, lets start with the fact that it barely exists.  As it appears in the game, the ending makes zero sense.  Some stuff happens, nothing is explained and it makes the original endings to Mass Effect 3 look utterly brilliant in their open-endedness.  

You see, what happened is LucasArts, the game's publisher, had recently gone crazy and decided the game had to be out in time for Christmas NO MATTER WHAT.  This meant all the plot threads began in the last quarter of the game or so, save the final boss battle, had to be abandoned - so abandoned, in fact, that Obsidian didn't even have time to excise the material that didn't go anywhere.  So PC players who like to dig around in their game's files found all this inactive material that hinted at what the whole ending would have consisted of.  

What happened next is that a group of modders set about to reconstruct the ending in all its glory.  Way back in 2009, the Kotor 2 Restoration Mod entered an open beta, and today, 4 years later it's finished.  Deleted plot elements and dialogue have been restored and over 500 bugs have been fixed.

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