King’s Quest getting a do-over thanks to Telltale

by: Jeremy -
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Telltale Games is on a roll; not only have they been releasing some great titles lately (Back to the Future), but their future lineup is looking amazingly solid with titles such as Jurassic Park and The Walking Dead. Telltale has announced another project that is coming down the road as well: a reboot of the King’s Quest franchise.

This announcement will surely make a lot of classic gamers very, very happy. The King’s Quest series is truly a classic, dating back to the early 80‘s. I remember playing the original game back on the Apple IIE in my 6th grade computer class during the occasional free time. A lot of time has passed since the game’s original inception and there is plenty more that Telltale can do with Sierra’s original games as well as a full lineup of games to look to for source material.

Source: Destructoid

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