Kinect Party launches... for FREE (until January 1!)

by: Jeremy -
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I am a huge fan of everything Double Fine has done using the Kinect thus far, especially Happy Action Theater... that much you know. You may also know that the follow up to the fine, non-game is launching today on the Xbox Live Arcade. What you didn’t know however is that from now until January 1, Kinect Party is being given away for absolutely nothing!

As a part of Microsofts “Countdown to 2013“ deals on the Xbox Live Marketplace, Kinect Party has been reduced to 0 MSP. Considering how much time I have spent with the first game, and knowing what I know about the second, that is an absolutely criminal deal. Trust me, if you have kids, or just like to have fun in general, run, don’t walk, to your Xbox and download the game immediately. After December 31, 2012 the game will assume a standard price of 400 Microsoft points, which is still a good deal.
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