Killzone 3 official and some scans from Gamepro

by: John -
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Who needs E3 when you got Gamepro to tell you. A Gamespot reader has his latest copy and put up some scans of the magazine announcing Killzone 3.The game's suppose to be like the movie Inglourious Bastards, which I hope doesn't mean it's all talk and we see very little of what the Bastards did during the war. It does sound like we're going to really dive into the world and culture of the Helghast though which should be interesting. 

The rumors are true and it will be in 3D. This news does make me a little nervous as for 3D to work you have to render the scene twice and we all know that can slow down a game pretty quickly unless the developers are opting for a lower resolution. 

It sounds like there will be some in depth melee attack with combinations so hopefully we get some cool hand to hand action.

Jetpacks are making their way so if you enjoyed what you had in, say Dark Void, you're going to get to fly around some more in Killzone 3.

If Sony was saving this announcement for E3, well there goes another surprise. Well, I can't say it's really that much of a surprise because you kind of figured they'd be working on a third installment anyways. So, check out some scans and I'm sure it won't be long before we get some footage of the game to really see what we're in store for.

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