Killzone 3 Steel Rain DLC announced

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Guerilla Games has announced a new map pack for the recently released Killzone 3 which will be called the Steel Rain pack. Unlike the Retro Map Pack which launched with the game, this new pack features two completely new multiplayer maps based on locales from the single player portion of the game.

The two new maps are Junkyard and Stahl Arms. The first map is set within the main junk processing facility of Helghan. The location is host to a bitter battle between Helghast forces and the ISA who are both attempting to salvage the weapons and vehicles scattered throughout the facility. The second map, Stahl Arms, is a research facility which houses ISA soldiers in Helghan captivity.

You can view a short trailer showing some action on the Junkyard map below. The date and price of the new pack has yet to be announced.

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