Killzone 3 Rumored to Hit this Holiday Season, feature 3D, Motion, Ability to Correctly Identify Leap Years

by: Chuck -
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Those pesky Killzone 3 rumors just seem to keep popping back up as multiple sources are now reporting that the game will be shipping this holiday season with 3D and Arc support.  This would put the game squarely up against Halo Reach which should get the fanboys on both sides of the aisle all kinds of riled up.

I get the Arc support a bit but 3D support is pushing it a bit far.  We'll have 3D TV sets by then but are people (other than early adopters) really going to be buying these in numbers that justify the added development cost?  It's a nice marketing line but 3D still feels like it's a few years away from being popular enough to spend significant development cycles on.  
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