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Suda 51 makes crazy games.  His newest crazy game is called Killer is DeadKiller is Dead follows protagonist Monda Zappa - an assassin - as he assassinates his way around the world using his trusty sword and cybernetic arm.

In today's healthy batch of screenshots, you'll see him using said sword along with several other moves such as guard, dodge, and guard break.  You'll also see some shots from "Gigolo Mode" because it wouldn't be from the mind of Suda 51 without something as weirdly named a "Gigolo Mode" making an appearance somewhere.

Visit Killer is Dead on the interweb at  You can also find it on Facebook.  For full details, follow the jump.

XSEED Games Releases New Screenshots for KILLER IS DEAD
XSEED Games, an independent-minded publisher, has announced the release of an all-new series of screenshots for KILLER IS DEAD™, the upcoming action title from renowned game creator Goichi Suda (aka SUDA51) and his GRASSHOPPER MANUFACTURE studio. Developed jointly by KADOKAWA GAMES and GRASSHOPPER MANUFACTURE, KILLER IS DEAD is an artistically-striking action game that is set in a contemporary world where biomechanical augmentations are increasingly common.

Recently previewed at this year’s Game Developer’s Conference, these new screenshots show the game’s protagonist, Mondo Zappa, doing battle with the sinister Victor, a power hungry villain who seeks to ‘cleanse’ the world by broadcasting sounds of malice from high atop his headquarters. Several of Mondo’s combat abilities, including his sword slash, guard, dodge and guard break are shown in the new screens. Additionally, scenes of the game’s “Gigolo Mode”, a side mode in which Mondo travels to various parts of the world to meet exotic women, are also showcased for the first time.

Developed jointly by KADOKAWA GAMES and GRASSHOPPER MANUFACTURE, KILLER IS DEAD will be released in North America by XSEED Games in summer 2013. Deep Silver, the games label of Koch Media, will bring the title to the countries of Europe and Oceania. XSEED Games will reveal more information for KILLER IS DEAD in the coming months.
For more information on KILLER IS DEAD, visit:

Additionally, fans can visit the game’s North American Facebook page here:
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