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I remember the old days of game saving, with "old days" being the days of the original Playstation and I was limited to just 15 blocks of save data per memory card.  Today, saving games on the PC can lead to some frustration if it isn't supported by the could or the save ends up on a hard drive that fries.  How nice would it be to be able to manage all of your save files with one interface?  Well, that day may be coming here soon.

Kratos Software, located in Irvine, California, has a Kickstarter project for a software known as Reload, which will do exactly what I mentioned above.  Management of save files will be done all by one specific interface provided by the company, making the hassle of remembering where save files are at a thing of the past.  The goal for the Kickstarter project is $5,000 by Sunday, May 12.  The company has just over a month to go (the project was launched on March 28) and has collected $759 of the goal so far.  Of course, the perks are there for certain amounts donated.  I'll be throwing a few dollars into this myself, so why not join me in supporting this great idea?

Reload - The game save savior.

Ever lost a game save? I have, and more than once. Accidental delete, hard drive crash... It doesn't really matter, the ramifications are often hours, if not days, of your life.
What about managing your save games across multiple PCs? I have a gaming rig and a laptop for when I am on the move. Managing my save games is a constant hassle. Copying saves from one to the other, and then back again when I return, is a hassle that eats into my all-important game time.

What about those sequels that use your old saves to reflect decisions you made in the previous game? These sequels are generally released years later and I have likely misplaced those saves by then. This leaves me with two choices - Play the game again, or download a save from the Web.

Another pet peeve is the F5 quick-save feature. For all intents and purposes, it works great, but most games do not support iterative quick-saves. What this means, is that it is overwritten each time I press F5. The alternative is to exit to the main menu, select the manual save option, supply a name, hit save and eventually return to the game. If I don’t constantly repeat this process, and make an irreversible mistake early on, I can’t revert with the quick-save as it is long gone. Some games don’t even have this option, as console ports will often limit me to three save slots.

This is where Reload comes in.

  • Manage all your saves from a single interface. No more Steam and Origin. No more messy user folder. Reload will copy your saves locally, to a network device, or even to a cloud-based storage facility.
  • Full control and ease of use. Save iteratively, whether the game allows it or not. Create your own in-game keybinds, to save and restore your progress whenever you feel like it. You decide how, and how often, your saves get stored.
  • Sync your saves. Play from where you left off, no matter what computer you are on.
  • Data maintenance. Game saves can take up a lot of space. Reload will manage this if you have space or bandwidth constraints. You decide which saves should be kept and which should be deleted.
  • Low on resources. Does its thing quietly and efficiently in the background.
  • TLC. Developed by gamers, for gamers. We are a small team with customer-focused development, so no corporate directives and guidelines to govern us. Tell us what you want, and if it makes sense we’ll implement it.
  • Lastly, but certainly not least, HASSLE-FREE gaming.
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