Kaz Hirai to become President and CEO of Sony

by: John -
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In news that's probably not that shocking, Sony has announced that Kaz Hirai will become Sony's next President and CEO In April of this year. Kaz has been at the forefront of Sony's consumer and electronics and video games division since April of 2007, when he replaced Ken Kutaragi.

Right now, Howard Stringer is in the current position, but that'll change in June when he becomes chariman of the board.

Sony's earnings hasn't been that good in the past few years, and it hopes Kaz will help lead a turnaround. Not all of it is Sony's fault, but we'll see if Kaz can help Sony right the ship in this area.

It looks like Sony's going to really push connected devices though so expect a lot of the new Sony products from TVs, receivers, and of course, game consoles, to all have content being pushed to them by Sony's network.

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