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The Katamari series rolls on with Katamari Forever this fall, and you can get your hands on the demo right now on the Playstation Network.

Katamari Forever features the most levels, the most (and most adorable!) cousins, the most modes, and the most songs in a Katamari game to date. We like the 1080p graphics and the $49.99 price tag. Sounds like if you buy one Katamari game in your life (and WHY haven't you bought one before?), better make it this one. Just to make sure, I'd check out the demo first.

An unfortunate accident has left the King of All Cosmos unconscious.  Panicked, the Prince and his cousins quickly construct Robo King to temporarily replace the King of All Cosmos’ as he recovers.  However, as soon as he is turned on, Robo King goes haywire, knocking all the stars and planets out of the sky.  It is now the Prince’s duty to bring the King of All Cosmos back to health, and help Robo King return all the missing celestial bodies back into the sky.


The sequel to the immensely popular Katamari series, Katamari Forever tasks players to roll up as many everyday objects as possible within a time limit set by the Prince’s father, the King of All Cosmos.  As more objects are rolled up, your katamari becomes bigger, allowing you to pick up even larger items.  Thumb tacks, sushi, cats, people, houses, sky scrapers and ocean liners – nothing is out of bounds as the Prince rolls his way through the most expansive Katamari game to date.

Katamari Forever f
eatures a brand new art style along with multiple unlockable graphic filters to bring out even more variety than ever before.  The new changeable graphic filters give Katamari Forever a certain “je ne sais quoi” that all Katamari games possess.  Wood Tone transforms everything in the world into carved out wooden blocks while Comic Book paints the screen with deep, rich colors.  Players looking to take a trip down memory lane can switch to Original and re-create the series trademark visual style in glorious 1080p.     

Katamari Forever will be released on
September 22, 2009 with an ESRB rating of “E” for Everyone and carry a MSRP of $49.99.

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