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I know that the original Kane & Lynch accumulated a bad reputation for lacking in gameplay content. Although the witty and gritty nature of the characters, dialogue and plot seemed to hold their own, complaints arose of empty game content. Criticism aside, I have been intrigued by the sequel since the first released teaser clips of surveillance cameras spying on the two protagonists. Something as hilariously violent as these two could not be so bad, could it?

Today, we have a slew of new information to present you with, all of which are accompanied by respective videos. First up is a video vignette showing off the cooperative play in Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days. The video shows explosions, as much gunfire as there are curse words, and Lynch’s psychotic fighting style.

Following, a behind the scenes video shows off the very unique multiplayer modes. This looks to be one of the rare shooting games that involves a bit more tact than the average multiplayer mode. In fact, they specifically call out Capture the Flag and instead replace it with interesting gameplay such as Cops and Robbers.

Finally, pre-order information has been released with exclusive content/swag from Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop and Walmart. Amongst them, you have the options of the Greed Betrayal and Revenge Multiplayer Pack (GameStop), the Alliance Assault Multiplayer Pack that contains eight Chinese costume masks (Best Buy), a Comic Preview Pack (Amazon), and a Fragile Alliance Strategy Pack (Walmart). To learn more, we have individual videos for each promotion posted.

Be prepared for a barrage of more assets below. If that’s not enough, read on for more information. 

Cooperative Vignette:

Get a taste of the cooperative nature of the criminal underworld’s most mismatched team – Kane & Lynch. This latest video gives you a taste of some classic Kane & Lynch teamwork – including explosive canisters, Kane’s attempts to direct Lynch’s psychotic style in battle and other cooperative tasks they take on with the tact and precision of a bull in a china shop – or, hell – a psychotic bull in China period.

Pre-Order Information:

In addition, with only one week left to pre-order prior to launch - we’d like to get you the latest info on the special pre-order swag for Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days via these preorder trailers that are sure to get your blood pumping and keep your mind sharp as you try to decide what exactly you’ll need for the next heist. Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop and Walmart have taken up the call and will tempt your greed with four packs of pre-order items. Split amongst these are a new Mutliplayer Map, a bevy of new weapons, Comic book previews and Strategy guides.

*Greed Betrayal and Revenge Multiplayer Pack*
· Exclusive Multiplayer Map – The Radio Tower - Glazer, the Expats crime boss, has been hired to collect dirty cash from an abandoned factory in the run down area of Shanghai where old communist monuments are soon to be demolished. It is the perfect location for a deal to go down and everyone will need to be ready to work together and be prepared to get in & out quickly with the $4 Million.

*Multiplayer Pack*
· Eight Chinese costume masks - The last thing any would-be criminal wants is for someone to identify them. Use one of the eight stolen masks to ensure you remain unidentified during the heist – keep your friends close – but your enemies closer. Play your cards close to the vest and see how things work out.

*Comic Preview Pack*
· Exclusive Kane & Lynch: Dead Men Walking 16-page preview comic book. Created by DC Comics WildStorm. Written by Ian Edington, illustrated by Christopher Mitten with cover art by Ben Templesmith. Take a look at the first half of Issue #1 and get a taste of the mayhem Ian Edington brings to the world of Kane & Lynch.

*Fragile Alliance Strategy Pack*
· Fragile Alliance Strategy Guide – featuring tips and tricks to help give you an edge over your teammates, your opponents and everyone else involved for that matter. Get the inside information before anyone else gets in on the job.

Behind the Scenes 3 - “Greed, Betrayal, Revenge”

Money can make people do funny things. It can also drive people to do some very nasty things, like turn traitor. In this latest behind-the-scenes video, the game directors outline the unique multiplayer modes, exclusive to Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days. The human psyche begins to process some immoral thoughts, when greed turns to betrayal and betrayal leads to revenge. 
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