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Kalypso Media is the latest publisher to join the Humble Bundle. This week you can pay whatever you deem appropriate for four games: Tropico 3, Sine Mora, Sky Drift and Anna. If you bid $6 or more, however, you'll also receive Tropico 4 and Jagged Alliance: Back in Action. Considering Tropico 4 is $30 on Steam by itself, this is a pretty good deal indeed.
Kalypso Media Launches Humble Bundle Weekly Sale
September 27, 2013, Ridgewood, NJ - Kalypso Media, in cooperation with the Humble Bundle, is offering gamers a great deal during this week's Humble Weekly Sale. Via the Humble Bundle "Choose your price" system, consumers can name their price on a collection of fantastic games from the list below -
- Tropico 3
- Sine Mora
- Sky Drift
- Anna
As bonus games for those who bid higher than the $6.00 USD minimum, both Tropico 4 and Jagged Alliance: Back in Action will be unlocked.
For more information, visit https://www.humblebundle.com/weekly
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