Just what is Asura’s Wrath?

by: Jeremy -
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Capcom revealed a new IP entitled Asura’s Wrath back at the Tokyo Games Show and hasn’t peeped a word about the project since. That has all changed this week. Capcom has released a slew of new media for the upcoming action game and given excited fans a little insight on the game, which is coming to both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Asura’s Wrath tells the tale of Asura, a formerly revered deity who has been stripped of his powers and cast down to Earth. The game blends science fiction and Asian mythology to tell a tale that sounds a little reminiscent of the recent God of War titles (and that isn’t a bad thing). Asura is hell-beant on getting revenge on the deities that have stripped him of his powers and will stop at nothing to extract his payback…

Is it too early to start hoping for Asura’s inclusion in Marvel vs. Capcom 4?

You can check out a few new screenshots and a new trailer below thanks to Capcom:

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