Just in time for that post-Halloween shiver withdrawl: Basement Crawl coming to PS4

by: Nathaniel -
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It's November 4th.  The Halloween shakes have worn off and, in America at least, we're all gearing up for some quality family, food, and football come Thanksgiving.  That makes it the perfect time to show you this trailer for the downloadable PS4 launch title by Bloober Team called Basement Crawl - and no, it's not a game about a bunch of basement-dwelling gamers going on a tour of their fellow basement-dwelling gamers' humble abodes.

What is Basement Crawl about then?  Well, how 'bout a little girl locked in a creepy basement with a creepy grandmother who may or may not actually be dead?  Gameplay is described as "maze-based multiplayer action."  

Basement Crawl is set for release sometime during the PS4 launch window.

For more details, check out basementcrawl.com and Bloober Team on Facebook.

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