June 25th is the first official 3DS StreetPass day

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StreetPass, the 3DS's natural evolution of the wireless tag mode featured in some earlier DS games, works great in a densely populated metropolis like Tokyo. But what about in the wide open spaces of Texas, or the hilly hamlets of Ohio? Not so much. Nintendo is trying to push the social aspects of StreetPass by designating June 25th as the first official meet-up day for the 3DS.

They've launched an online platform called Meetup Everywhere that lets you organize meet n' greets for swapping 3DS data, and after the launch of the EShop (and hopefully some decent games, zing!) I expect fans will congregate more often. Can you imagine mixing this thing with flash mobs?

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Nintendo News

Nintendo 3DS Fans Nationwide to Unite for StreetPass Day on June 25

Ever since the launch of the Nintendo 3DS™ system, users around the U.S. increasingly have been seeking each other out to plan in-person meetups and exchange fun content via the system’s built-in StreetPass™ feature. To make it even easier for fans to connect and come together, Nintendo of America has created a Meetup Everywhere community that people can use to organize their own local StreetPass-themed meetups and social gatherings*. To mark the launch of this community, Nintendo 3DS users everywhere are encouraged to hold StreetPass meetups on Saturday, June 25, which has been designated Nintendo 3DS StreetPass Day.

Meetup Everywhere is a simple-to-use online platform that enables an organization’s fans or followers to coordinate local, real-life meetups based on shared interests. Nintendo 3DS users who are interested in sharing content with others via StreetPass are invited to visit http://www.meetup.com/nintendo3ds to find events in their area or to plan their own StreetPass meetups. Users are also encouraged to use the “#streetpass” hashtag within social media to promote Nintendo 3DS StreetPass events throughout the year and attract even more participants.

While gathered together in the same location, anyone can use the Nintendo 3DS system’s built-in StreetPass feature to share content such as Mii™ characters, game stats and custom characters. Users can control which kinds of information they exchange, and they can trade data from multiple games such as nintendogs™ + cats or Super Street Fighter® IV 3D Edition at the same time.

For more information about StreetPass, StreetPass-compatible games and Nintendo 3DS, visit http://www.nintendo3ds.com.
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