Judgment day is coming for Gears of War

by: John -
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Game Informer has unveiled the two covers for the next Gears of War game and the official title as well. Gears of War: Judgment looks to feature Cole Train and Baird in prominent roles as the two covers have the best buds shackled.

The series moving to these two characters is interesting, but I'm betting Marcus makes an appearance in some sort in the next game whether it be a cameo or a mention. I do have to wonder if a Carmine will make an appearance as well.

On Monday, Game Informer will put out more information such as the multiplayer portion of the game. Hopefully, one of the Gaming Nexus staff will be able to get some information about Judgment at E3. Even though we don't have an appointment with Microsoft, I've got some time that I might try and get in to see it myself.

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