Join the resistance in new Stargate shooter

by: Chad -
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Stargate Resistance is the name of a new online, third-person shooter coming to PCs early next year.  I didn't receive an official press release but found a massive amount of information on the game's web site, including an interview with one of the developers. 

It appears to be a tactical shooter where servers of up to 16 people can battle it out for dominance in three modes: Team Deathmatch, Capture the Tech, Domination.  More are scheduled to be announced at a later time.  There are six different classes and many different worlds (of course) on which the action will take place.

I pulled some screens from the site, but there is much more to be found there for yourself.  To be honest, the Stargate fiction provides an awesome backdrop for an epic single player shooting experience.  It would be nice to find out that one is in the works in addition to the MMO.  However, it looks like Stargate Resistance will have to fit the bill for now.

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