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John Rochard: Astro miner extraordinaire

by: Jeremy -
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Recoil Games has revealed their new platformer, the PlayStation Network exclusive Rochard. The title is an action packed platformer which is scheduled for release before the end of the year. The title was originally announced back in January but is finally being shown to the public.

Players will control John Rochard, an everyday miner in deep space, as he experiences what is arguably the worst day of his life. Luckily for John, and you, he has access to his various mining tools including a tool / gun, known as the G-lifter, that will allow him to manipulate gravity. Using that tool, along with others, John will have to make the best of the objects in his environment and navigate a variety of platforming puzzles and challenges. A majority of the gameplay will focus on the player taking advantage of the gravitational-effects that result from the G-lifter tool. Don’t expect to see a gaming character with super powers or abilities in this game, John Rochard is a hardworking man who is skilled with his tools of the trade.

The first screenshots of the game, shown below, look very solid. I will be keeping my eye on this one...