Joe Siegler confirms 3D Realms shut down -Update rumor of T2 trying to sell Duke back to 3DR

by: John -
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Looks like 3D Realms has been shut down. Joe Siegler, webmaster for the 3D Realms site, has posted saying it's not a marketing thing and that the shut down of the studio is indeed true. Like I said yesterday, can't say I'm too surprised about this. All I have now are memories of the guy dressed up as Duke at early E3 shows. When you work on a game for 13 years you burn through a lot, and I mean a lot of cash. It was bound to catch up to them. I wish I had a job for 13 years straight like that though.

-Update- Take this with a grain of salt but here's a quote from the Quarter to Three Forums:

"3d Realms went to Take 2 asking for about 5 million more to finish Duke Nukem, which Take 2 declined, instead offering to sell the franchise back to 3d Realms for around 30 million. 3d Realms shut it's doors instead."
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