Jetpack Joyride hits 350k downloads in no time.

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iOS games continue to grow in popularity.  While I disagree that they will forever replace consoles or PC gaming, it's impossible to believe that they aren't here to stay.  Games on the go have become a big portion of entertainment nowadays, and with the recent launch of Jetpack Joyride hitting 350,000 downloads, it's talk of yet another handheld game exploding with popularity.  To build upon this, the first update became available that adds in new content, as you can read below.  So keep on downloading those iOS games, because it makes developers want to improve upon them!




Halfbrick Celebrates Milestone with First Update


BRISBANE, Australia - Sept. 13, 2011 - Acclaimed mobile game developer Halfbrick today announced that its latest iOS sensation Jetpack Joyride has surpassed 350,000 downloads in its first week. Halfbrick currently has two Top 10 paid apps on the App Store: Fruit Ninjaand Jetpack Joyride.


"We knew we had a great game with Jetpack Joyride, and we're glad 350,000 people agree," said Phil Larsen, Chief Marketing Officer at Halfbrick. "To show all of our Halfbrick fans our appreciation for making this game a #1 hit around the world, we have already added a new content update and are committed to adding content on a regular basis."


Today, Halfbrick released the first free update for Jetpack Joyride, adding new unlockable content to the game:

  • Mr. Cuddles - A brand new vehicle for Barry to wreak havoc in. Skyrocket through the lab in a giant robot dragon that breathes fire!
  • Fruit Jetpack - Fans of our other hit game Fruit Ninja will recognize this one instantly! You'll be cruising through the air and sending fruit flying, with delicious juice splattering all over the lab. Messy but fun!
  • Honest Phil Costume A cameo appearance from the marketing maestro behindJetpack Joyride and Barry Steakfries, you can roll with style as an awesome Australian dude!  

Jetpack Joyride will skyrocket players into the latest adventure featuring the lovable and mischievous hero Barry Steakfries, who captured hearts in previous Halfbrick mobile games, Age of Zombies and Monster Dash. Down on his luck, Barry discovers the ultimate opportunity to turn his boring life into one of adventure, heroics and beach chairs! Inside a "secret" evil laboratory filled with jetpacks and mysterious obstacles, he commandeers the fun-fueled technology and literally shoots for the skies on a shower of bullets, rainbows, bubbles and more!


Jetpack Joyride is now available on the App store at a price point of $0.99 for all iOS devices. To download Jetpack Joyride, check out the official iTunes information page at

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