Jeremy Clarkson talks Halo via Forza 4, two breeds of nerds squeal with glee

by: Nathaniel -
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Petrol heads all over the world love Top Gear.  The BBC program is easily one of the most popular shows in the world, spawning many iteration in many different countries.  However, if the others are anything like the American version, they're pale shadows of the ever-so-British original.  A big part of its charm has to do with its super-droll presenter, Jeremy Clarkson.  Well, today Halo Waypoint gave two sets of fan bases reason to spend a minute and forty-four seconds in love with an internet video.  As I previously reported, Forza 4 will feature Halo's iconic Warthog in its Autovista mode which is narrated by Clarkson, and here we have his rundown of what makes the Warthog special.  Halo fans and Top Gear fans everywhere, rejoice!

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