Jay Wilson steps down from Diablo III

by: John -
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Jay Wilson's been the head of Diablo III for seven years now. That's a long time to be on a single game. Well, as of today, he's slowly transitioning himself to another project at Blizzard.

Posting on the Blizzard forums, Jay details his journey through the game's ups and downs. Also, don't be surprised if there's a job posting for the director of Diablo III. Jay's made some really good and bad decisions, in my opinion.

Even through all the rough times, I'm still playing the game. I have two level 60 characters and one in the mid thirties Paragon. I'm anxiously awaiting patch, which is in PTR right now. It's always fun to grab my three friends and crawl through some dungeons, finding the good and not so good loot along the way.

I wish Jay luck on his next project and I hope the next person that's directing the game will take it to new heights.