Jason Holtman, former Steam head honcho, now at Microsoft

by: John -
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Now, this hiring is a little interesting. Jason Holtman used to be the man in charge of Steam. You know, the juggernaut of digital distribution on the PC? He was there for eight years and left last February.

Today, it's announced that he's been hired by Microsoft. He'll be focusing on PC gaming and entertainment.

If there's a guy that can right the ship that is Games for Windows, Jason is it. You can thank Jason for EA, Activision, and other selling their games on Steam. Word is he's also pretty good with consumers as well. Let's hope that's the case as they need someone who can.

There's a reason that many folks dislike when a game uses Games for Windows Live. Let's hope Jason can change that around so the service isn't so disliked and perhaps help lead the charge for better PC gaming.

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