Jason Holtman leaves Microsoft after just six months

by: John -
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Remember when Microsoft hired that guy away from Steam/Valve Software? Yeah, forget about that.

Jason Holtman was the Director of Business Development at Valve Software. Microsoft hired him to help with their PC gaming side of things. In six months, Jason Holtman has gone from joining Microsoft to being unemployed, as reported by The Verge. Yeah, not a very long time at the job.

I don't think Jason would have much impact just being there for six months and Microsoft has had a kind of a bad reputation on the PC gaming sides. I mean, some games are still impossible to run because Microsoft shuttered Games for Windows Live. 

No word on where he'll be going or why he left. The new CEO and restructuring could be a part of that decision as well. For now, the person that was hired to bolster Microsoft's PC gaming efforts is out of the company and looking for a new opportunity.

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