Jarate is the new way to fight for Snipers in Team Fortress 2 and Sniper achievements revealed

by: John -
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You never thought a bottle of urine could be a weapon? Think again as that's one of the unlockables for Mr. Sniper in Team Fortress 2 when the update is released. The bottle of urine that you can see in the Meet the Sniper video will have make victims of this cruel attack receive 35% more damage while it dries off and short out Spy cloaking devices making them visible temporarily. Victims can jump into water to wash the filthy mess off quicker. For your teammates on fire, you can "shower" them with this exstinghuishing potion so they don't burn as long. I don't know, I think I'd rather burn than to be dowsed by a Sniper's waste fluid. Also, the Sniper achievements have been revealed.

I think that's three Spy unlockables, Spy achievements, three Sniper unlockables, and Sniper achievements revealed as well as two new maps and a new gameplay mode. By my accounts, that should mean the update should be here this week. Let's hope it does hit so we have something to try for this long Memorial Day weekend.
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