Japan gets all the cool games... like Hokuto Musou

by: Jeremy -
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 They really do... and sometimes we are lucky to get some of them over here in the United States. We still miss out on a lot of cool stuff (Sword of Berserk for PS2 anyone?).  One of the games that I am sure, though I still have my fingers crossed, we are going to miss out on is Hokuto Musou, also known as Fist of the North Star.  Most people have at least heard of the Fist of the North Star anime so it isn't a completely unknown intellectual property in the United States.  The anime started way back in 1983 and has had numerous video game translations over the year including some US releases on the Nintendo Entertainment System and the Sega Genesis.  The wonderful developers at Tecmo / Koei are taking the ever popular Dynasty Warriors formula and adding in a whole lot of Fist of the North Star anime to create Hokuto Musou for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.  The series, known for its over the top grit and violence, will be bringing the same to the current generation platforms in the form of an action / adventure game this coming March in Japan.  Hopefully Hokuto Musou gets translated and brought stateside because it looks like an absolute blast... take a look for yourself...

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