Jagged Alliance: Back in Action demo available for download

by: Nathaniel -
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Have you ever dreamed of being on the A-Team?  If you have, then you can live out your "mercs saving the world from evil" fantasies with Jagged Alliance: Back in Action.  This tactical action game lets you move your mercs where ever you need them to be to set up ambushes, cross-fires, and other set-pieces using the new Plan & Go system that will tickle the brain of any general-in-training.  

And now that the demo is available for download, you'll be able to check it out for yourself.  The demo includes a tutorial mission, a sample level from the final games, and a preset squad of mercs.

You can download the Jagged Alliance: Back in Action demo from the follow mirror sites:
Strategy Informer

Jagged Alliance: Back in Action comes out February 14, so feel free to get it for your girlfriend.  Doing so is bound to ensure any previous Valentine's Day commitments get canceled, leaving you free to game.
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