Jaffe leaves ESP, starting new studio

by: Jeremy -
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The father of Twisted Metal, David Jaffe, has announced that he is leaving the development company that he helped found, Eat Sleep Play. His departure won’t happen until after after Twisted Metal’s launch has been completed. The game is already in stores but Jaffe wants to see that all issues with the game are ironed out through the necessary updates and patches before he heads off. Jaffe made the announcement through a series of Tweets on his official Twitter account.

Jaffe isn’t getting out of the gaming industry though and intends on founding an entirely new studio. The announcement of his departure comes after Eat Sleep Play announced that it will shift from console games to pursue mobile gaming. If you know anything about Jaffe, you could imagine that this doesn’t exactly fit his tastes.

We cannot wait to see what Jaffe comes up with in terms of his new company and whatever insane game ideas he creates in the future!

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