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The Florida Supreme Court has upheld the ruling of the state Bar to permanently disbar Jack Thompson. For those of you unfamiliar with the name, Thompson is known for his crusade against Take Two over its Grand Theft Auto series.

GamePolitics has extensive coverage of the many charges brought against Thompson that lead to his disbarment including sending courts "inappropriate and offensive sexual materials." The order submitted by the court referenced the June, 2008 report of Judge Dava Tunis who refereed at Thompson's hearing vs. the Bar.

In her report, the referee states: "Over a very extended period of time involving a number of totally unrelated cases and individuals, [r]espondent has demonstrated a pattern of conduct to strike out harshly, extensively, repeatedly and willfully to simply try to bring as much difficulty, distraction and anguish to those he considers in opposition to his causes.

 He does not proceed within the guidelines of appropriate professional behavior, but rather uses other means available to intimidate, harass, or bring public disrepute to those whom he perceives oppose him."

Of course Jack has painted himself as a martyr claiming that the ruling is punitive and completely undeserved. In a response to Kotaku's request for a reaction, Thompson fired off a vitriolic email wrapping up with "...this should be fun, starting now." He's suing the judge, the bar, the members of the Florida Supreme Court and everyone else he can think of. He left out the court room custodian, but I'm sure that was merely an oversite.
"It appears that the State of Florida will be paying Thompson more damages this time around for its illegal, now repeated, use of “discipline” to punish a Christian lawyer for his activism in the public square.

The timing of this disbarment transparently reveals its motivation: This past Friday Thompson filed a federal civil rights action against The Bar, the Supreme Court, and all seven of its Justices. This rush to disbarment is in retribution for the filing of that federal suit. With enemies this foolish, Thompson needs only the loyal friends he has.

Thompson always wanted to own a Bar. Now, armed with multiple US Supreme Court rulings that no state bar can do what it has done to Thompson, he is set to own that Bar."

I have to agree that this should be fun. The man has been sentenced to hang by his own rope and now he's digging his own grave. Chuck thought it would be great to put up a video of "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead," but I couldn't find any that involve Hillary Clinton. Still the sentiment is there.
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