I've already used "My name is Commander Shepard and this is my favorite news on the Internet"

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It was more than two years ago, but you can't really reuse headlines like that even when it's the BEST HEADLINE EVER given this particular circumstance, right?

What is this circumstance you ask?

Well, apparently there's been some internal discussion over at BioWare regarding the possibility of remastering the Mass Effect trilogy for the Xbox One and PS4.

I'll wait while you pull yourselves back together.......

We cool?  Good.

Anyway, according to geeknewsnetwork.net, a remastered next-gen redo of the ME trilogy is something that may happen.  I don't know about you all out there in reader-land, but I'm still playing the ME trilogy on the reg.  I have a date with Mass Effect 3 set for later today, in fact.  I would LOVE for this to happen.  I would be more graphic than that, but this is a family website.

However, this news leaves one wondering how, if at all, they'll change the fundamental gameplay of the original Mass Effect to better fit the style of the other two . As great as it was, the sequels definitely smoothed out some of the first game's rough patches. I'd love to see a Mass Effect with Mass Effect 3's combat engine. I can't imagine there's a single person out there who is a fan of the series who wouldn't want to see something like that.

However you feel about this news, we here at gamingnexus.com will definitely stay on top of this new because we love the Mass Effect trilogy here.

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