It's war between the solider and demoman for a super secret weapon

by: John -
More On: Team Fortress 2
Now this should make Team Fortress 2 interesting. War is happening on the game and this is how it's going to go down. Valve is going to track kills of demomen against soldiers and vice versa and whoever has the most kills will get a super secret weapon for that class. Right now, there's a call to arms for both the soldier and demoman on Valve's website.

One kind of sucky thing that might come out of this is we'll just see a bunch of servers fill of demos and soldiers or even each team comprising of all of one class but if this experiment works, it might just be pretty fun to partake in it. I'm curious if the secret weapon is class specific in that if one class wins it's going to be a new one that was designed for them or is it a weapon that's designed for both and the class that wins gets it.

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