Its official: Telltale games to Mac

by: Jeremy -
More On: Tales of Monkey Island
 Rumors had circulated in the past that Telltale Games was looking to bring their entire catalog of games to the Macintosh platform.  These rumors ran rampant for a while but can now be moved over to the "true" categorization.  Telltale Games is in the process of porting all of their games over for Mac users;  the first game to make the transition is / was Tales of Monkey Island which can be purchased through Telltale's web site as we speak.  The deal gets even sweeter as Telltale has announced that the Mac version of the titles will be free to anyone who owns the corresponding PC verion(s)... and vice versa.  If you buy one of their games, you have access to both versions at no additional cost.  Pop into their web site and check out the demo for Monkey Island if you aren't sold on the concept... or go ahead and buy the full version...
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