It's official: Monster Hunter Tri voice support confirmed

by: Jeremy -
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 ...and the package just keeps getting sweeter and sweeter.  Capcom has stated for quite some time that they would love to, and were investigating, the addition of voice chat to Monster Hunter Tri in preparation for its worldwide release.  In preparation for the European release of the game, Capcom has announced that the game will support in game chat via Nintendo's Wii Speak microphone.  Although it has only been announced for the European version, it would be relatively safe to assume that the North American version will include support as well.  Remember, Nintendo is handling the distribution of the game outside of Japan and as a result will also be offering a deluxe edition of the game that ill include the Monster Hunter Tri game, the black Classic Controller Pro, and a Wii Speak microphone.  No price point or specific release dates have been announced... but we at least know for sure what we will be getting...
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