It's now less expensive to get into the 3D game through NVIDIA

by: John -
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Today, NVIDIA has announced some improvements and price cuts for their GeForce 3D Vision set. First up, the entire kit is now $50 off so you can pick up the glasses and 3D emitter for $149. You'll still need a NVIDIA card and a 120HZ monitor, of course, but that's $50 less to spend on those other two items. Also, those wanting another set of glasses can spend $119, which is less than what it used to be.

Secondly, NVIDIA improved the battery on the glasses netting a 50% improvement in play time between charges. You'll now get up to 60 hours of use instead of 40. I'm always plugging in my 3D Vision glasses, but those that forget can benefit by the longer charging of the new ones.

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