It's like an energy drink for your PC: Razer Game Booster

by: Jeremy -
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Do you ever feel like your PC could use a little extra “umph”, especially when you are gaming? Sometimes even just a few extra system resources can make the difference between killing and being killed. Razer is currently beta testing a piece of software intended to help PC gamers make the most out of their system’s resources.

Razer Game Booster, which you can sign up to beta test at the official website, temporarily shuts down “extraneous” system processes when it kicks into gaming mode and restores them to theur working capacity when done. The software can also help you tweak your system, either manually or using a streamlined setting, by altering hardware configurations and managing any and all drivers associated with your gaming process (sound, video, etc.). Perhaps one of the most intriguing functions is the software’s ability to capture both video and screenshots from your games, making it easy to share your adventures with the world.

The best part about all of this is that Razer intends on offering this for free. Limited beta invites are being offered now but you can get in line by filling out an application over on Razer’s site. An open beta is expected before the end of the year.

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