It'll cost you $5 to move those Rock Band songs over to Rock Band 2

by: John -
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When Rock Band 2 is released, an update will appear on the 360 to let give you an option of transferring over most songs from the first game. DLC will work automagically. This won't be a free service though as you'll have to pay $5 to move the songs over to the latest game. $5 isn't too bad I guess and while it sucks to have to pay for the move it's better than nothing. I'm sure those that don't have the first game will just rent or borrow a copy and transfer them over saving themselves a few bills in the process. Right now it just says 360 but I'm sure the PS3 will be the same. The Wii and PS2? Well, that'll be a conundrum. What do you think? $5 too much or that's OK with you?
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